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About Us

The goal of Fleeker is to make access to beauty services simple.

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What is Fleeker?

Fleeker is a place where beauty stylists create and manage salons online. We do not discriminate, it does not matter who you are. Whether you are poor/rich or white/black we love everyone😊.

Booking System

Fleeker helps you manage your bookings online. This helps you plan your day better.


Fleeeker helps you see how much money you made, your business growth and suggestions on how you can grow.


You have great work that is saved in your phone. Show it to the world. Let people see what you can do by posting on your Fleeker page.

Secure payments

Customers leaving because you do not take online payments? We help you accept payments online.


We help you find beauty stylists easily online. We do this by giving you all the relevant information about a stylist. Their prices, availability, images of their work and location.

Book a beauty stylist

Remember the day you were rushing somewhere and got delayed by a long salon queue? Almost no one wants to queue at a salon/barber. Book an appointment whenever you want.

Community of stylists

We are creating a family of beauty stylists. They meet, create relationships and work together for greater success.

Most simple way to manage your business

Understand the ins and outs of your business. Get feedback/reports on how to run it better.

Get better at your work

With our rating system customers are able to rate and give you feedback.


Our brand is focused on being authentic, transparent and sharing love. We believe the future success depends on transparency and love.

How we work?

We are a company that is very focused on the customer. This is what makes us different. We are always ready to listen to take advice and feedback from everyone.

Extra mile for the customer

We focus all our energy to ensure that customers are happy at all times. You will never find excuses from us.



The team that works hard to bring the services to you.

Asonele Gevenga


Tshepang Mapiti


Tebello Molete


Blessings Dinake

Chief Designer