Reducing human contact is a requirement for beauty stylists.

Ever since lock-down began, many salons have closed shop. This was for a great cause,to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. However , it seems like there is no immediate solution to end the virus.

Many businesses are losing money and people are at risk of poverty.This has led to beauty stylists to request the government to allow them operate.

Now the concern of many is contracting the virus while pursuing beauty. We are all aware of the necessity of physical contact when the beauty services are being rendered.

Most beauty stylists have pledged to offer their services in a way that does not put customers and themselves at risk by ensuring frequent sterilizing and sanitizing.

Following hygiene practice seems to be a promise of many. The contact can be made when there are queues, paying cash, asking for prices etc.

“It is difficult for me because on the one hand you want to maintain your relationships [with clients], whilst on the other, you have to respect the law,”. “It is very tough, but we do not have an option.”-Paul Ndimayo, who owns Masai Twist Beauty Salon in Midrand,

We believe an adaption of digital tools can help beauty stylists to further comply with the laws set in place by government.

We have built a wesbite that has everything that stylists need to run their business fully online to avoid queues, accept online payments, display services, prices, chat on site, rating system, accept bookings and even upload their work online to gain customer trust.

This helps avoid unneccesary human contact but also allows the styilsts to have more online presence and manage their business efficiently

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